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Jesus has Authority!



Does Jesus really have authority? If he does, how much does he have, and are we accountable to it? The gospel writer Mark presents Jesus in a fast-paced, action-packed fashion in which he comes into a world that desperately needs him but at the same time does not know it and resists him. Jesus begins to exert authority over sickness, demons, the Old Testament law, and even people.

Jesus’ authority over each of these is absolute. From Simon Peter’s Mother-in-law (Mk 1:29) to the leper he encounters and makes clean (Mk 1:41), Jesus is demonstrating unparalleled authority in this universe. Since the onset of sin, sickness has been a terrible part of the universe, but Jesus never saw it as the worst part. He makes his point by forgiving the sin of a paralyzed man who came to him to be healed from paralysis, but Jesus addresses his greater problem of unforgiven sin. He forgives his sin and then heals him from his paralysis. His power over the physical is merely a pointer to his power over the spiritual (Mk 2:1 - 12). While the West is awash in an age that is very anti-supernatural, Jesus certainly understood that what we see with our eyes is not all there is to this universe. Mark records account after account in which Jesus confronted demons, and the demons clearly understand and ultimately submit to Jesus (Mk 1:32 - 34). In fact, in Mark’s gospel, the demons see more clearly than the people do (Mk 3:11). They know that in this universe it is the hearts of human beings that are of the greatest importance, and they do not want human beings to be turned away from their own sin and to find the life that Jesus brings. They know that Jesus is the sole answer to the massive problem of sin and rebellion against God, and they seek to stop Jesus from solving this problem. The Old Testament law had served the people of God as a revelation of the character of God and the good boundaries God had given to his people in order to live the good life. Unfortunately, at the time when Jesus stepped onto the scene, the law had been twisted and used as a means of oppression and enslavement by the religous leaders of his day.(Mk 3:1 - 6). Jesus demonstrated he was the true fulfillment of the law and even exercised authority over it. Yet, Mark reveals that the one group in the entire universe that resists Jesus’ authority are people. From the religious leaders to the crowds who are amazed by Jesus but ultimately do not follow him, the only entity in the universe that does not ultimately submit to Jesus are people (Mk 2:23 - 28, 3:1 - 6).

Mark presents Jesus as a man with unparalleled authority. He has authority over every sphere of this universe and yet, human beings refuse to see and submit to it. Unlike much of the misused authority in this universe, Jesus’ authority brings life and freedom. His authority is the good authority for which we were made. He even has the authority to forgive sin, your sin and my sin.
Jesus used his authority unlike any other great figure in history. Ultimately, he used his authority to lay down his life for sinners. This is the good news. Jesus had unparalleled authority. Instead of using it to enslave, he used it to bring the glorious freedom for which the human heart longs.

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