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God's Word Delivers God's People

November 29, 2013 Preacher: Series: The Eternal Power of God's Word

Topic: Sermon Passage: Exodus 3:1–4:17

The storyline of God speaking to God's people continues, as he reveals himself to Moses on Mt. Horeb. After centuries of being enslaved by the Egyptian superpower of the day, God is on the verge of miraculously intervening to deliver them from oppression and servitude.
As with Abram, God once again chooses an unlikely character to bring about his purposes of deliverance. Moses is not only reluctant to take on the job of leading God's people out of bondage, he also seems to have a speech impediment, which he claims will hinder him from completing the task.
The covenant keeping God Yahweh, the "Great I AM" will accomplish his plans and purposes despite the inadequacies of his servants.

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