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New Beginnings

Sep 20, 2019

by: Josh Manley Series: New Beginnings | Category: Sermon | Scripture: Genesis 16:1-16 | Tags: Josh Manley, Sermon, New Beginnings, Genesis

Pastor Josh Manley continues our series in Genesis: New Beginnings. The sermon text is Genesis 16:1-16 and is entitled The Wisdom of this World & the Mercy of God.

We are all tempted to take on the wisdom of this world instead of trusting the impossible promises of the LORD. This is what Abram struggled with in regard to his promised son. Seeing Sarai's barrenness he decides to "help God out" by taking his servant Hagar as a wife. Once Hagar conceives she is sent away by Sarai, but the angel of the LORD ministers to her in the wilderness and pronounces blessing on her unborn son. The mercy of the LORD triumphs over the wisdom of this world.